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Mary Ann Burdue “It will be a great time at the Father's Day Dance for all. Everyone that attends the dance seem to enjoy it. We all love all the special dances that we do too. Also enjoy all the good times with Jack, Jan, Roxie, JP, & all the rest of the dance staff. Enjoy all the new dances that Belinda teaches too!! Fun time for all!!” Great job Jack!! Mary Ann Burdue 


Tim and Terry began their "dance of LOVE" after meeting at the DC Ranch at a Single’s Dance in March of 2005. The Cha-Cha dance lesson at the beginning of the evening with Matt Miller got them started and they've been dancing ever since. They were marry on August 25th  


 We Met at a Glass City Singles Dance last September. We found out we both shared a strong faith in God. Our first date was to church. We were married three and half months ago. And Go has Blissed us both. Thanks Jack for What you do.  


Betty H. from Maumee had this to say I love these events because I am so comfortable with the people attending. I sure enjoy dancing, but also just like to talk and share with other singles like myself. I have never married and so it would be wonderful if I could meet the right man one of these weekends. But in the meantime, the music is great, the hall is convenient and I have a place to go that is safe and fun at the same time. 


Her friend Mary W. also from Maumee however had another opinion. I'm unable to dance and so feel awkward when someone asks me to dance. Maybe I am too shy, but I know I would have more fun if I could get out there on the dance floor. Answer, Freestyle is the most popular dance at the singles dances, all you have to do is step to the beat. 


Terry P. from Woodville advised that he especially enjoyed the chance to meet so many wonderful ladies. Just recently divorced, I'm only interested in just having a great time and gaining some new friendships. He felt that Glass City Dance Party promoted such endeavors and provided the atmosphere to accomplish this. 


My name is Pam and my name is Denis. We met at the Friday night Glass City Singles dances parties. The dances are a great way to meet people as you learn all the latest dances in an informal class type setting where the steps are broken down movement by movement.


It is a non-smoking facility for those of you who are not into the bar scene. The variety of music is especially appealing, everything from the top 40’s to Country with a Waltz and Cha-Cha thrown in for good measure or just move to your own beat with the Line Dances. Oh by the way we are now engaged with a wedding date set for June  



Carol K. from Sylvania told us how she was a bit afraid to come to one of our events the first time. She felt that if it was unsuccessful, her ego could not take the blow. As it turned out, she found a girl friend to hang out with and now they come to the dances often. Both ladies say that they have met some genuinely sensitive gentlemen and have had some great dates as a result. 


Allen B. from Perrysburg had this to say, I had a very serious accident and was also involved in a divorce a few years ago. I felt like my life was over. But for the last six months things began to look up for me finally. A friend recommended I try the singles events and while I have only been to Glass City Singles Parties twice, I plan on filling the social gap in my life by coming more often.

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